Want To Relax?

Last evening I was late in getting home from work. Sometimes I think that Karma, whoever the hell she is, gets a kick out of making my life miserable. So I drive into the garage and announce with all the enthusiasm that I can muster, “Honey I’m home.” I know it sounds cliché, right? But that’s what my life has become of late. The only bright spots in this otherwise dreary existence is my beautiful and enchanting wife and the spa installed in our garden alcove at her insistence. Where do I begin, the boring life or the beautiful wife and the spa. Maybe I should give you a little background.

I am an attorney married to an amazing woman who runs a professional blog on food. A few years ago, I was ambitious, driven and raring to conquer the world. Now I just look forward to a quiet evening with my wife and a dip in the spa after a long day. I work for one of those mega law firms you see in the cables all the time, based in LA. A year or so ago, I made junior partner at the age of 28. Man, I was ecstatic. Little did I know that it was just the fattening before the slaughter.

One of our Senior Partners, let’s call him Mike, went on early retirement on health grounds. The junior partner who has been running our branch in Modesto was thus recalled to take up his slot, and the unenviable task of heading the Modesto branch fell upon me as the junior partner. I swear before that, I never even knew where Modesto was on the map, I had only heard it vaguely mentioned in conversations. Anyway, I pitched the idea to my wife, who surprised me by embracing it enthusiastically. That’s how we ended up in Modesto, living in a quaint bungalow owned by the Firm.

The garden has this awesome alcove that I wanted to turn into an outdoors study area for my leisure reading, so I took my wife to the local home depot to help me choose a rocking chair. Big mistake! By the end of the day, we settled on this antique chair made of teak, polished until its surface shone, until my wife Jean saw the spa on offer, and my life was turned upside down. After arguing for a few minutes, the sales lady, God bless her, called me aside and whispered into my ear, “Sir, please listen to your wife, you’ll thank me later.” I am really glad I did, and I thank the Lord for her every day.

The daily ritual of soaking up in the spa after a long day sipping a glass of chilled wine has become something to live for. Which is why I was so mad to miss it yesterday, or rather to do it alone, as my wife had long since retired to bed. In my opinion everyone should have the daily ritual of ending the night in one of the many spas in Modesto for sale.