6 best offline android games of 2020

Playing games is the best treat to enjoy your free time. Today, the latest smartphones solved the problem of good handheld gaming devices. But the only problem you might face while playing games is poor internet connectivity. But the offline android games are the best way to go even when you have no network connectivity. In this post, we have picked best offline android games that will not only keep you riveted but also refresh you when there is no internet connectivity. Let’s dive into it!

Temple Run

The only name in the world of gaming that took the gaming by storm is Temple Run. The game involves you to run unceasingly while attempting to avoid falling off a crag or getting slain by snares and fiends. You can also collect coins along the way while running to avoid falling off a cliff. There is also speculating some rumors that Temple Run-themed movie will be released in near future.

Subway Surfers:

The ‘Subway surfers’, is considered one of the most downloaded offline android games in the world. This game is quite similar to Temple Run that is an interminable runner developed by the Kiloo. You have to keep running without getting trapped by the Policeman while he was pursuing the player. Players can collect the item and unlock goodie bags and gifts along the way.


This is one of the best offline android games that is actually an adventure plus action game in the dark forest. At the start of the game, the forest looks beautiful but you have to control the creature in the forest. Badland has various setups and hurdles and allows you a multiplayer mode. This game has 23 levels and four players can play it at a time. If you want to get an immersive gaming experience then Badland is the right choice for you.

Fruit Ninja

If you want to do fingers workout then look no further than this game called “Fruit Ninja”. This game allows you to slice the fruits with your fingers when they appear on your screen. But you need to be careful while you running your fingers across them for slicing as there are also some explosives that appear among them.


Limbo is everyone’s favorite offline android game as it is the 2D puzzle game with monochrome and silhouetted graphics. However, it will give you a creepy feeling but it is interesting to solve the puzzles using the elements of the environment and move forward. Along the puzzle solving, you have to take care of water, electricity and other items.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This game allows you to create and survive in the new world. The good thing is that you can play Minecraft: Pocket Edition where there’s no connectivity. You can do cool things while playing this game such as you can build stuff and kill the bad boys. This game keeps you glued to your desktop in your free time. Don’t use mobile version as it is not riveting as the desktop version.


We hope you will try these best offline android games in your free time. Leave a comment and let us know about your experience with these Android games.