Basis of Facebook & Instagram Ads targeting system

Facebook is the best social media platform when it comes to advertising and their marketing campaigns. This social media platform is doing a very good job in targeting the ads according to the nature of the ads.

Facebook & Instagram has used a very structured algorithm which helps the social media platform to carefully target the ads according to some basic categories. These basic categories are location, gender, age of Instagram followers, language, income, relationship status, education, work, parents, life events, politics (US).

In terms of location the social media platform will advertise of those brands which are of that local location, so the ads targeting will be according to the location of the users. This helps the users to know about the brands in their local area or region. Age also plays a vital role in the ad targeting process. For example, people who are of above 18 will be shown ads that are related to the adults.

The ads can be mature for the younger generation, so it is very good that according to the age the ads are shown to the users along with the age gender also plays a role. Some ads are targeted only to females or males while some are for both the genders. When it comes to location or the region then there is language too where the ads differs from the usual ads.

The ads are also shown in different languages which are of the users. Ads are also targeted in terms of income of the user that how much the users are earning annually. From this information the Facebook can target ads which will the users will acknowledge about. Just like the income, other details about the user can also help the social media platform to target ads according to those details so that all the ads which are shown to the user are of some interest to the users. If the ads are not of any interest to the users, then it gets annoying when there are so many ads popping up in the social media platforms.

There are also interests that are counted as the main category which helps the social media platforms to make their ads targeting system way more intelligent. These interests are like which type of food the users love and according to the answer the social media platform will use ads of those specific food items and the restaurants which serve those food items to the users.

Interests can be of sports, movies, hobbies, business fields, design, interests related to fitness. All these interests make the ads targeting system good so that the system target the users according to these interests. This helps the users a lot as they are able to view the ads of their interests. Many brands are also getting good feedback from this system. They are creating more and more audience reach to these mature ad targeting systems which specifically target the users according to the interests and details of the users.