How to get more likes on Instagram: 6 tips that really worksHow to get more likes on Instagram: 6 tips that really works

Instagram is the best platform to share your intimate moments and memories with your friends and followers. But it is a little bit frustrating when you are posting a lot of images but not receiving a good amount of likes. Don’t fret, we have gathered some tips that help you to get plenty of post likes and new followers as well. Here are 6 tips that increase your Instagram and when you use them with buying Instagram likes, you will get thousands of likes overnight. Let’s get into it.

Post at the right time:

Post at the right time when your followers are most active on Instagram. Share your post on lunch hours and in the evening because people are mostly scrolling through their feeds after work and during lunchtime. Use the Instagram analytics or another analytical tool to track the best time to post.

Use a consistent filter scheme:

However it might sound playful, but using consistent filter scheme help you to build your brand and give you a lot of post likes. Use the same filter one or two with all of your images. It will create a visual identity of your brand and make you recognizable on the feeds of your followers. With consistent visual identity and recognition, you will get more consistent post likes that in turns increase your brand exposure.

Use local hashtags

If you are a local business then using local hashtags is a great way to reach your potential customers. Use Google and find the popular local Instagram accounts in your city and see their post hashtags. Use the same hashtags that give you odd to connect with the users near you who might be interested in featuring your brand. It will help you to get more post likes and followers as well.

Share behind-the-scenes photos:

Instagram is the best place to share your favorite moments from your brand with your fan base. It helps you to build a good brand image and strengthen your relationship with your customers. Give them a peek of your brand’ behind the scenes such as take your fans on an office tour, let them know about your staff members or preview of your latest product. This type of video content is too much engaging that give you more likes.

Use Video:

Videos are more engaging media type than images in a crowded feed on Instagram. Try posting videos like live event video, a sneak peeks of the upcoming project, tutorial videos or something unique and interesting idea can help you to garner more likes than a simple photo.

Buy Instagram likes:

Buying Instagram likes is the hassle-free method of getting a number of likes in a fraction of time. If you are just starting out on Instagram, buying Instagram likes will not only help you to get more post likes but also give you a lot of new followers in a short span of time.