Video Marketing Tip: Outsource or Batch Process Repetitive Tasks

In general, all businesses have 20% if the actions that bring 80% of the results. But sometimes 80% is so important that 20% cannot exist without the 80%. For example, the most productive task that you could do in video marketing for your business is creating engaging content. But once you create it, there are other tasks which will help your video reach more people. Read on!

For such tasks, you can have a virtual assistant or an employee who can handle the task for you. Some of the tasks you can outsource are:

  • Editing the video. (Like Removing scenes)
  • Adding a video intro to your video.
  • Exporting the video to a web-friendly format.
  • Uploading the video on YouTube.
  • Doing some keyword research and adding appropriate tags.
  • Include the link in the description.
  • Transcribing the video and adding closed captions in YouTube for SEO.
  • Adding Annotations in YouTube wherever appropriate that increase the views.
  • Uploading a catchy thumbnail for the video (Partner Accounts Only)
  • Sharing the video in 10-20 social bookmarking sites and social media properties.
  • If the video had a presentation file, uploading it to and and social bookmarking it.
  • Sending an email to a subscriber list of the blog.
  • Embedding the video on a blog if applicable.
  • Uploading the same video to other video hosting sites such as vimeo, daily motion with YouTube. It helps to make your content viral over the web in no time.

All the above tasks are very important to reach a wider audience, gain more customers and YouTube subscribers and youtube likes. But if you are doing all these yourself, it can be extremely boring and sometimes it will prevent you from creating great video content in the first place because you will be forced to all these tasks once the video is created. It is hard to do both the creative part and the analytical processes at the same time. With creating a good video, also store it well. While recording the video, all the data will continually be stored in the hard drive so it’s a good idea to use a separate hard disk than the hard disk that the operating system is using. This will make the video run better and smoother. However, if you do not have an additional hard disk in your computer then I suggest that you use an external hard disk which is connected to a port or a fire-wire port.

If You Can’t Outsource

If you cannot afford to have a VA yet, what I would recommend is that you batch process the creative part and then batch process the repetitive tasks. You can dedicate an entire week to video production. Take an entire week for video editing and then another week for distribution. You will be more efficient this way because every time you change channels, you lose some energy.

Hope you found my tips useful. Stay tuned for more video marketing tips. Share your thoughts in comments below.