What is Joe Rogan net worth in 2018?

Everyone wants to know the net worth of their favorite comedian and podcast artist as his career story is an inspiration for many. Joe Rogan net worth in 2018 is $25 million. He earned a status of millionaire instead of his troubled life. When he was at a tender age of 5, his parents filed for divorce and they both got separated. Joe lived with his mother after the divorce of his parents. He rose by his mother and soon he moved to Massachusetts with his mother. He took immense interest in martial arts when he was in high school. But when he was in the early 20s, he suffered from a headache that compelled him to leave the martial arts. Then, he started his career as a standup comedian and later became successful podcast host too.


However, he has a great sense of humor in his young age but he didn’t pursue his career as a comedian. He was famous for his martial arts skills. He was a huge fan of comedy and he wished to become a comedian. His mother supported him to pursue a career in comedy. He started to watch a lot of comedy shows that came into his talent to do work like it. When he was in a field of a martial art, his friends convinced him to do a role of a comedian in a gym. His great sense of humor made them laugh that encourage him to do some serious work as a stand-up comedian. The secret of his good net worth in a short period of time is an outcome of his consistent hard work that he started from a very young age. Joe has also worked on NBC and hosted a show named Fear factor when we were at the initial stage of his career. He also mentioned this show in his podcast shows as people are still watching and reviewing the show of his initial days. He got many reviews about this show as people want to know about it as he got the fame from fear factor show which was on aired back in 2001.

Net worth:

Currently, Joe Rogan net worth is $25 million that is supposed to be increased three times more in 2019 he has earned till now. His hardworking and his multiple skills became him one of the richest comedians in the world. Nowadays, Joe is working on his own podcast Joe Rogan Experience that is equally popular in young and old generation across the world. He is also an entrepreneur that is adding some extra bucks of money in his account.


As you know from this article, Joe Rogan net worth is pretty handsome but he also bags a lot of YouTube viewers like on his YouTube show. His podcast show Joe Rogan Experience got 3.5 Million views in just a few months. It shows that he is the inspiration for the teenagers who not only watch him but also do the same in their lives.