What is the difference between Amazon and eBay marketing strategy?What is the difference between Amazon and eBay marketing strategy?

It’s been years that we know Amazon and eBay are doing their business successfully. Both of these online retail and wholesale stores are well known because of their successful business and strong name recognition among this industry type. Both of these businesses have billions of customers which show that these businesses are using some perfect marketing strategies and getting successful. Also both of these businesses are famous for offering its suppliers many opportunities through which they are able to have better exposure of their products and increase their sales.

But besides having so many similarities, the internet marketing strategies of both of these websites are a lot more different from each other. Each of these sites is having different internet marketing strategies and different marketing philosophies. Amazon is basically focused on the customers and making the site easy for their customers. While on the other hand, eBay is better known for the services it provides to the sellers or their suppliers. They focus on their sellers rather than the products they offer and show the data of the products according to their seller pages.

Difference between marketing strategies of Amazon and eBay

Following are some differences in the internet marketing strategy of Amazon and eBay

Internet marketing strategy of Amazon

Following are the internet marketing strategy of Amazon that makes it distinguished and successful among the competitors.

Premium services with prime logo

Amazon uses the logo of PRIME word with some of its products for which it charges the seller more but it is guaranteed that the consumers will buy this product. It is because the products with prime logo are delivered to the customers with additional services by Amazon. This is the way how Amazon gets the trust of their customers.

Focus on the reviews

Amazon focuses on the reviews and shows it with the products to get more attention of the customers and it also helps them to get more purchases.

Timely delivery

Delivering the products timely is the prime focus of Amazon. Amazon focuses on its lead time and provides the customers more ease about it. They do not have to wait long for the products and this is one of the main strategies of Amazon to manage its lead time well.

Discount and promotions offered

The marketing strategy of Amazon is to provide the customers with discounts and other promotional campaigns once they buy something from them to encourage more sales.

Internet marketing strategy of eBay

Following are the main marketing strategy of eBay which helps this online store to get the successful business and a reputable name.

Focused on using cross promotion

Unlike Amazon, eBay uses the power of its products cross promotion. It does not link the products to external website but provide you the option of visiting the seller pages with products’ description on its website.

Provides the add-ons option

eBay provides its seller to have the add-ons feature where they can have various packages for relevantly lower prices to market the product on their website.

Focus on the time of auction

eBay focuses on the time of its products auction. This is because it can auction the products on the time when the online traffic is in higher amount. Last minute bidding is very common for this website so the time matters.

Use of multiple product categories

Showing the products in multiple product fits or product categories can assure eBay to have better sales. This strategy gives it better chance to increase the sales and get more attention by the audience.